Our “JUNIOR” sessions have children spending lots of time on the ball improving technique and learning the value of keeping possession of the ball. We feel that this age group is pivotal to their development as it’s the best time to encourage boys to learn about decision making, risk taking, 1 v 1 and understanding formation and shape.

Over the last 2 years we have been fortunate enough to have spent time at Barcelona’s football academy and have seen the importance of putting the best coaches with these age groups. This is the time to create the right mindset for the budding footballer irrespective of what level they reach.
Children will touch the ball at least 500 times, 5 times more compared to the average football session. Players will quickly learn to control and pass the ball at speed using both feet all within the framework of team shape. Armed with these fantastic skills and style of play, the boys then return to their respective teams and impress their team mates.

And through Oxshott Royals FC, we are proud to have 2 teams at the under 9’s age group who solely attend Kiko Soccer Schools. These boys have been attending our sessions for the last few years and are beginning to show a real style to their play. They compete in the Surrey Youth League achieving great success and we will be charting their journey and development through our website and facebook account.