Our “MINIS” programme focuses on a child’s motor skills, social and emotional well being. Using structured football games children quickly gain the building blocks and confidence to deal with life’s little challenges. Incorporating numbers, colours, shapes and now introducing Spanish key words children receive a truly unique session with an emphasis on kindness and sharing, all through a football programme.

Whilst we are very passionate about what we do, we thought it was best described by a parent who has been attending our sessions for the last few years.

“Over the past seven years I have attended many different pre-school activity clubs with my three grandchildren. They have all been most enjoyable but there is something very special about Kiko Soccer Schools. It is so much more than simply a fun session where little children from the ages of not yet two to four learn soccer skills. Obviously soccer skills are an important part of each session but there is so much more learning that takes place.

The curriculum is cleverly woven into the Early Years Foundation curriculum that these youngsters meet in their pre-school and Nursery schools.
Consequently my two year old grandsons have had a head start learning and consolidating, for example, their knowledge of number, colour and shape and letter sounds whilst having enormous fun running around, jumping from shape to shape, balancing balls on different coloured domes and playing games such as Cat and Mouse. Both my grandsons knew their colours, how to count and recognise numbers to 10 and recognise and know the names of shapes whilst they were still only two because of these wonderful experiences.

Without doubt the concept of Kiko Soccer Schools is excellent but the way that Frank and his team deliver the sessions are inspirational. They have an extraordinary talent and belief in their ability to teach such young children and to make their learning so meaningful. It is truly amazing to watch the twelve little two and three year old boys in my youngest grandson’s group, focus so intently on every word they say. Their ability to get them to not only listen but then to follow their instructions is a measure of their skills as a teacher. The children trust Frank and his team and he is able to support even the shyest of little boys develop the confidence to demonstrate a skill in front of their class. I have been a Primary school teacher for forty years and it has been a privilege to watch Frank at work!

Developing social skills is another area in which Kiko Soccer Schools excels. Two and three year olds tend to play ‘alongside’ each other but in Kiko Soccer Schools they begin to successfully participate in ’partner’ work, and to develop the concept of being a member of a team, helping and looking out for each other. It is a most heart warming sight watching these two and three year old boys following Frank’s request to find another little boy to shake hands with after completing a successful team activity!”