As the children grow older our “YOUTH” sessions become faster and more intense enabling them to play with control and speed in restricted areas; LESS SPACE, LESS TIME, MORE SKILL.

Every session will include keep ball games as the fundamental basis of our belief that moving and passing the ball as a team will, in the long run produce better footballers, better teams. Focussing on possession of the ball takes away the pressure of having a win at all costs mentality. And as we have seen over the last few years the teams that are technically more gifted in keeping the ball tend to win more matches!

Our drills also focus on the shape and formation of the team, and the best way to move the opposition
around the pitch. Whilst these are “big concepts” we have found that the children at this age enjoy the challenge and problem solving using a particular skill or move. And very quickly they are taking it on to the next level wanting another skill to learn, ready for the next challenge.

The use of small sided games is a key component to our philosophy and recently the English FA have advocated this style and method as the future development of grass roots football.

We believe that our style of coaching is appropriate for all players of all abilities. As a professional coach and parent, what we want most for our children is for them to learn, to have a sense of achievement and most of all to have lots of fun!